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Sue Stopforth is a fully qualified and insured advanced massage therapist with over a decade of experience. Specialising in gentle yet powerful modalities that help balance your horse not only physically but also emotionally and mentally, Sue has sought out and studied with some of the pioneers in the Equine Therapy world including Susan Tenney and Liza Kimble, as well as undertaking her own extensive research and CPD. She has a special interest in equine behaviour and uses this knowledge to guide her sessions.

Now a Graduate of Elemental Acupressure, QiEquine sessions are very much based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine which, used in combination with her specialist skills in Fascia & Trauma Release, are making positive changes to the equines she meets whether they are a topflight competition horse or a none ridden equine companion. 


Sue's passion for horses spans 5 decades, riding, loaning and working with a variety of horses until in 2011 she bought her first horse, a complicated 2 year old, that taught her how much she didn't actually know!

It is her journey to help her mare Morgana that has led her to train in a variety of modalities that help horses in body, mind and spirit, undertaking her massage training in 2014. Originally using pure massage techniques and stretches she felt that although she was able to address knots and sore areas to make horses feel and perform better, physically she wasn't addressing the horse as a whole and often the issues she had addressed in a session had returned by her next visit. Discovering equine acupressure and it's links to Fascia has allowed her to work with horses at a much deeper level allowing her to address the source of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms the horse is showing.


She has also developed a strong interest in Equine Behaviour, attending workshops and conferences with leading equine behaviourists and ethologists. She also works to LIMA principles in both training of her own horse and in her therapy sessions.



Certified Equine Myo-manipulative Functional Massage Therapist

Certified Equine Acupressure Practitioner

Certified Cold Laser Therapist

Equine Fascia & Trauma Release Modules 1 & 2 

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Angelic Reiki Practitioner

HNC Equine Studies

BHS NVQ Level 1 & 2


Equine Touch Level 1 & 2

Level 1 Equine Unwinding (April Battles)

Equine Healing & Communication (Margrit Coates)

Workshops & seminars in Equine Behaviour with Ben Hart, Justine Harrison and Lucy Rees.

Student of Equine Behaviour with the Natural Animal Centre

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